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Motofluid stocks the specialist range of Penrite lubricants and Sonax car care products. Our extensive webshop enables you to buy these 'hard-to-find' Penrite products right from your desk and have it delivered to your door. Check out our shop for our range. While you're there, you can get some lubricants for your regular drive. Can't find what you want? Contact us and we'll get it for you.


If you are in Melbourne, you can always come past our shop and get what you need. Make sure to ask for a quick tour of our historic collection too.

Motofluid is also a provider of end to end classic car care. Providing detailed fabrication and restoration of classic, vintage and veteran vehicles, Motofluid has over 20 years industry experience. Our active past in the classic field demonstrates dominance in the industry, painstakingly restoring some of Australia’s unique vehicles. We live, breath and love classic vehicles.

As managers of The Penrite Race Team for the past 20 years, Motofluid provides race support to those competing in Classic, Vintage and Veteran events. Check out our 'onboard' footage or the 'Team Penrite' cars

Do you have a Classic, Vintage or Veteran vehicle in need of some rejuvenation? Motofluid is your answer. Our specialised workshop will ensure your specific requirements are meet. Just contact us to get your dream project underway.